Alexandra Roby
Associate, Securities Division / Goldman Sachs
Chris was a great manager and I feel lucky to have worked with him, he always brought a level of professionalism and sense to the team, and kept us all working as one unit, encouraged us to work together and created a sales team that was willing to go and above and beyond for him.
Ahmed Baig
Partner / Consultant / Money Saving Expert / Exclusive Star

A consummate professional, always calm under pressure. Very knowledgeable with regards to all things recruitment. Add in the fact that Chris always acts with great integrity and respect – an asset to any organisation seeking a resourcing manager / leader.

Any Tremblay - Assoc CIPD
HR Recruitment Manager / Capgemini

Chris’ style of management encourages his team to achieve and surpass their goals. He was one of the most supportive and motivated professionals I have ever met. Chris has a natural ability to work at a high level with client engagement, but with the agility and people skills to coach his team. He is a true professional, who not only has fantastic market knowledge; but more importantly understands people He is kind, co-operative and goes out of his way to help and support you. Working with Chris was a genuine pleasure, he has always been a great colleague and a supportive manager. I would recommend him for managerial roles in recruitment without any hesitation.

Debalina Paul
Assistant Manager, Technology Risk Consulting

It’s my pleasure to recommend Chris. I have had the opportunity to work with Chris for some time. He is a pleasant individual who believes in positive motivation and one could never be dissatisfied under his supervision. I would describe him as a dedicated and enthusiastic person who has the ability to anticipate and manage client expectations.

Joel White
Sales Manager /

Chris gave me my first big break in sales when he hired me into his financial consultancy team. "Truly consultative" is an expression which gets bandied around, but it fits him to a tee. He is an inspiring leader who looks after his staff and achieves great results for clients and candidates alike. Here's an example: One week I had let my admin get on top of me and had no idea how I'd be able to get it done while still hitting my KPIs. He blocked out his calendar and did it for me, saving my skin - while showing me how to get it right next time. When he was promoted to head Global Resourcing he never once failed to find an ideal candidate, no matter how exacting the job specification. Hundreds of people have jobs, and hundreds of companies have found top talent, thanks to his hard work.

Lauren Simpson
Hiring / BCG Digital Ventures' start-ups

Chris is extremely conscientious, diligent and honest - he was a great people manager and did a brilliant job of managing the relationship between recruitment, sales and delivery teams. Hatstand was a fairly small and tight knit team, and I think part of the reason it was so successful was Chris acting as the glue to hold it all together. I wish him every success in his future endeavours, it's very much deserved.

Roda Mohammad
HR Advisor

Chris is a great team player and a great leader. He was very successful in his role as Director of Resourcing and Planning and was very diligent and knowledgeable in his role. Chris is that familiar face that brightens the office and having him around meant having a positive, motivated workforce. The best of luck to Chris in all his future endeavours!

Fabio Settimo
Sales Relationship Manager / CME Group

Chris is a is a very well-connected recruiter with a strong commercial background. Working with Chris I learnt how to develop tailored client solutions, a skill which sets Chris apart from traditional recruiters. Chris is thoughtful and pragmatic with an eye for helping clients meet their long-term objectives.

Shaun Sloan
Sales Business Development Manager & Account Manager

I worked with Chris whilst we were both at Hatstand. An honest strong team leader with a large network, that enables him to build out teams when required. Together we were able to help grow Hatstand. All the best Chris

Sam Gillis
new business executive / Specialist call centre services
Chris has a wealth of recruitment and business acumen that has delivered complete satisfaction with Clients and Candidates alike. His up-beat dedication and persistence is what I endorse immensely
Christopher Swarup
Senior Global Marketing Operations Manager, Demand Centre Systems Lead / Equinix

He is one of the best among all people I have ever met. Chris Willard did not fail a single time. Careful professional. Dedicated, energetic and multi-skilled. Chris Willard has the ability to communicate with simple, friendly language with a great sense of humour. Can focus on many tasks at once.

Liam Bowmer
Principal Delivery Consultant and Cyber Security Recruiter / CGI

Chris was my boss during my time at Hatstand. He was a very supportive boss and always open to new ideas and ways of doing things. His knowledge of the recruitment world, particularly in the financial sector is excellent and he was always happy to share his knowledge and provide suggestions. On a personal note, I enjoyed working with Chris too and I am sure his new business will flourish.

Alex Beament
Onboarding Engineer / Kobalt Music

Chris is a committed and valued member of any organisation he is a part of. He ensures that everyone has someone senior that they can talk to openly and develops the people under his remit, ensuring that they are always in the best position to deliver value. He does this through his common sense and human approach, mixed with his vast knowledge and experience from working as a human capital expert within the technology and trading spaces of global finance industry. The best of luck to Chris in all his future endeavours

Ian Gough
Head of Operations

Chris is a diligent manager who knows the balance of managing a team and creating a friendly, productive working environment. He always acted with his clients/candidates/staff's best interest at heart. Chris' exposure gained throughout his career enables him to asses many situations with ranging complexities to drive efficient and effective results.

Dino Freitas
Sr Associate IT operations / Synechron

Working with Chris was a great experience at Hatstand. He was very reliable, professional and great support to myself and to everyone within Hatstand. Even though he was not my direct line manager I still felt like I could go to him if I needed to. If the opportunity ever arose, I would definitely consider working for him again in the future.

Laura Winkler MBA
IT- Client Relationship Manager

Chris is the kindest, most helpful and thoughtful person. His diplomatic, non aggressive way of doing business is yet one of the most effective ways of winning and retaining new business. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Chris and would highly recommend.

Wendy Spina
Recruiter / Healthcare Contract Services

Chris is simply amazing to work with. He has exceptional recruitment experience along with business development, and top-notch client project delivery experience. I have known Chris both personally and professionally for over 20 years and he has consistently demonstrated a solid work ethic. He is not only reliable and a forward thinker, he is an inspiring team player. I do hope to work with him again in the future as his positive energy can create motivation and dedication to any team

Silvano Stagni
SME in SFTR, MiFID II/MiFIR, CSDR, SR, EMIR, and more. Regulatory change manager / Fintech and Regtech

Chris is still practising recruitment as matching people with people, not just CVs with job specs. This is because he understands the environment and makes his business to understand the role and the candidates.

Adam Bennett
Founder / Hatstand

Chris is a hardworking, diligent and thoroughly professional resourcing manager/director. At Hatstand he was a successful, positive thinking member of our management team inspiring confidence, loyalty and strong relationships. He builds strong trusted relationships with clients, partners, team members and most importantly with his extensive staff and candidate network. it was a pleasure to work with Chris and he was a key component in the success, strength and team dynamics of Hatstand.