Case Studies


White Label Service interim hires

Two Niche Consultancy Companies

Company 1 (10-man consultancy)

P2P were recommended to this consulting company to help find a potential contractor for a small team the consultancy had onsite. This was speculative as the end client were looking directly and with other partners. We agreed to source for the role and quickly provided the right person to impress the end client. They hired quickly and provided an exception professional onsite.

This provided the proof of our white label service and we have now been the resourcing arm for this consultancy successfully for over a year. We have been instrumental in providing exceptional consultants to aid and win new business for the consultancy, allowing internal FTE growth for their business and helping to sustain growth.



No internal sourcing cost

Enhanced market presence

Increased business opportunity and revenue

Brand protection



Company 2 (15-man consultancy)

We were recently recommended to a new specialist consulting company to become the white label service provider. We were asked to provide virtual teams for project bids and speculative contract roles within end client sites. They The virtual teams all had to be genuine and available within the proposal timeframe. We identified appropriate SME’s and always operated with total honesty on the situation. This provided a strong pipeline of engaged SME’s that were interested in longer term relationships with our client.

P2P continue to grow this new relationship and have had exceptional feedback from the primary lead within the consultancy.



No internal sourcing cost

Enhanced sourcing capability

Brand protection


Strategic FTE planning and Search

Multi billion Global Consultancy, Strategic Digital team growth

P2P were approached and engaged by the Head of the Digital and Analytics practice to help provide a recruitment pipeline of business leading executives from Data Analytics Technology and Science. Building on his vision we marketed to potential hires and evangelised on the overall vision and strategy of the delivery unit within this global giant.

An issue was the client brand had mixed reviews within the market, so our delivery was based on honest communication and engagement on all aspects on the positive points and issues they may face.

We provided fully engaged SMEs who have been guided by P2P and on-boarded successfully.

The client has won additional projects based on these hires’ integration and input within the team, so the cycle of growth and partnership with P2P continues.



Engaged executives and SME’s

Increased bid management capabilities and wins

Increased productivity

Product development

Reputation management

Revenue growth



Employee Survey and Workshops

Disengaged 120 employee Consultancy

The business owner had been advised that there were issues within the business units and resentment towards executives leading the company, including the owner.  He took the brave decision to investigate further.

Our team initially managed and provided an engagement survey for anonymous feedback from the client employees to the state of internal engagement. We approached and introduced the programme to company staff to gain trust and confirm anonymity and actions based on the results. The analytics and report identified multiple areas of concern including the general attitude of the executives and showed a perceived bias and discord amongst the teams. This was a disengaged company but with a willingness to change and improve from the top down.

The owner saw trust had been eroded and asked us to create a plan a process for addressing the issues and improve the working environment for all his employees. We implemented a workshop approach with a cross section of business representatives to discuss issue areas in complete confidence and recommend/implement change. This was completed in 3-month cycles with presentations made to the company on proposed changes and further surveys to review the engagement outcome, tracking employee attitudes in stages successfully.



Less Attrition

More workforce engagement

Business worked together across group structures

Happier staff resulted in happier clients

Revenue growth.

Greater trust