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Minimise spend and Maximise Resourcing Productivity - With P2P Solutions Partnership you will:

    • Be more effective in the market in securing productive employees
    • Reduce headcount attrition
    • Protect and enhance your Brand
    • Lower cost by improving performance inhouse and externally
    • Reduce time to hire

To many businesses, recruitment is something to fear and dread. Whether you’re organically growing or replacing employees unexpectedly, it’s an investment of time, money and resources needed elsewhere. Hundreds of ad responses to go through for the time short management teams or relying on agencies to filter through the worst responses and charge a lump sum for any successful placements in a very competitive market. And what happens if it doesn’t work out? A large cost to the business and no return on effort! You have an agency rebate system if they leave within the first 3 months. The issue is, unless they leave in the first week to another offer or as it was a real mistake (agency, applicant or client mis-sell), they will stay that long naturally. And when they leave the process/cost/time/training will need to start again. This is a worst-case scenario but be assured the rebate period is unlikely to refund you anything worthwhile. 

Protect your profits and brand reputation with P2P Process 2 People options. Assist your own HR functions and improve your ROI in recruiting your new best of breed employees.

At P2P we are expert in both the agency and internal recruitment models and they can both work well in the right circumstances. With our blended view P2P believe in building your internal hiring teams to professional agency search standard to manage all the reactive and planned strategic hiring effortlessly. Reducing attrition risk and reputational management are ingrained in our training and project delivery. And we do this with a cost saving and sustainability approach that can only be a financial benefit to our clients. Our yearlong support model is embedded in the solution and further mitigates risk and ensures continued maturing of processes and employee development.

P2P have two primary solutions with bespoke customisable delivery to match any company requirements.    

Our BYO Solution

View / Download the Full BYO Solution

This will provide a full project planning and implementation service at day rate or fixed cost, whichever offers the best ROI to our clients. 

We analyse, source, hire, train and support internal teams and vendor technology selection, using our long-term relationships with vendors to negotiate on cost saving. 

We ensure GDPR compliance within our delivery processes.

Our RPO Lite Solution

View / Download the Full RPO Lite Solution

This will provide white label augmentation services both on and off site for a fixed monthly fee. We search, interview and hire your new employees using P2P recruitment systems in a low-cost model. 

All processes managed under your brand exclusively. No cross selling to other clients! 
Initially designed to help start-ups and smaller companies ready to move into a dedicated recruitment team and process, expansion and training can work for any company. 
If process improvements, cost reduction and delivery efficiency are of interest, then P2P would be happy to discuss our options in detail for you.  


Sourcing Strategy Review.
Review your group-wide strategy for sourcing and retaining your first choice teams. Cost saving and efficiency planning advice

PSL Analysis ROI Review.
Review your supplier network and review ROI of your time. Vendor efficiency selection process

(Age) Diversity Planning Review.
How do you monitor success. Review your “to market” diversity plans and build a sustainable pipeline for the exceptional over 50s now.


Sustainable Resourcing Strategy Development

(Age) Diversity Strategy and implementation planning

Contingency Delivery Augmentation Solutions

Project Team Recruitment Solutions

Strategic Pipeline Planning and Delivery Service 3/6/9/12 Month options

Retained Strategic Hire Solutions