Technology Solutions

Trading System Review

Evaluation of existing trading infrastructure
Comparison versus best-of-breed implementations within global T1/2 banks
Functionality gap analysis
Business metric identification
Architectural quality measurement
Performance (e.g. latency, throughput)
Formulation of results and recommendations
Stakeholder presentation
Detailed written results report

Roadmap Definition

Assistance with collaborative formulation of trading platform roadmap
Engagement across stakeholder groups
Trading businesses
Logistics – IT, ops, support
Structured approaches to assess build-versus-buy decisions
Global vendor selection / RFI / RFP process coordination
Alignment with international standards e.g. TOGAF
Delivery of detailed implementation plans with stakeholder consensus

Systems Engineering

Systems integration of selected vendor implementations into Bank infrastructure
Development of bespoke software solutions
Full trading lifecycle from pre-trade analytics to back office settlement and clearing
Full coverage of development lifecycle
Architecture design
Implementation and support
Project and programme management