Age Diversity Advisory Service

What is Age Diversity ?

P2P Solutions Partnership had evolved on the back of experience. We have been, and have seen the benefits of the older workforce within IT workplace.

 The highly thought of, long of service individuals adding true value, discipline, security and innovation to teams around the world. The very best of workers in the company. Then it changes. New leaders, new visions, cost saving, but suddenly you’re on the market due to redundancy. A nice payment, some time to think then back into another job quickly. That’s the plan, but the reality is less certain.

 Suddenly you’re at an unprotected end of the employment age groups. Millennial recruiters inhouse or within agencies look at all that experience and still put you to one side, not understanding. Too experienced! Too expensive! What they mean is too old. They still think value is a salary, not what you deliver. And if the hiring manager is younger, then you could be a threat to their role!

 At P2P Solutions Partnership we plan to address the inequality shown to older professional by providing our clients with ALL hiring options available, not just the “right” age demographic. We won’t positively discriminate; the best hire will be just that. But we will help the client understand true value behind the applicants, and what they will gain for all the potentials we provide.

 We will also look to provide employment opportunities to mature specialists within our consultancy division as we look to securely deliver projects to our clients.

 If you are interested in our help or potential partnership/employment, please contact us.