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BYO Solution - P2P Process 2 People

When growth is a constant for expanding business, managing the hiring process means your management teams are often multi-tasking and so reacting rather than planning. What do you do? If you choose the Agency approach you will have high cost and low control on the message to the market.  If you hire an internal team, how do you ensure immediate capability without paying a premium. P2P offer something very different to the market. 

 The P2P BYO Solution can be delivered as a stand-alone project or as the seamless conclusion to our white label service, RPO lite, which would provide ongoing recruitment teams from our specialists, whilst identifying, hiring and training your new internal team to take over. 

 We offer a fixed price model, a day rate model or a blended version, dependant on which of our solutions best suits you. The project plan will be entirely customisable, but as a stand-alone BYO project we can customise the following parts to suit your company goals.

Analysis Phase

Current state analysis.
Review the business and growth expectations. Plan 1-3-5 year expectations.

Workshops/Meeting teams.
Stakeholder engagement. Team engagement. Present goals and benefits to company wide audience.

Proposal Writing (offsite).
Take away all we have learnt and put together a plan of delivery for approval.

Compliance analysis.
Analyse data rules and infrastructure from a recruitment perspective and companywide if required.  

Implementation Phase with Client Partner

Vendor product evaluation.
Review client specific products. Negotiate reduced pricing. CRM/ATS and Job-boards as required to fulfil internal resourcing. P2P has good relationships with major providers and can help to provide below market discounted options.

Implementation Management and testing.
P2P consultants will manage the technology implementation and configure functionality to our client specification. System testing and sign off when completed.

Compliance process implementation.
Our compliance consultant will review the systems and recommendprocess improvements and automation as required. We will build out the processes that createcompliance forcurrent legislation.

Recruitment Search for team.
P2P undertake to source suitable experienced or trainee recruiters using our networks and search capabilities. We can also run advertising campaigns, although search
is normally most productive.

Assessments and interview.
We will interview prospective recruiters and provide a shortlist for final interview. They will be judged on both professional capabilities and cultural fit. Client chooses the successful candidates.

Offer management (with client HR).
If the client has no HR function, we will manage all offers and secure signed contracts of employment. We will also work with incumbent HR under instruction or manage where required.

With or without the HR incumbents, we will ensure the onboarding process works smoothly and gives the most professional and welcoming impression. All client procedures will be adhered to.


Vendor product training (primary Linkedin and client selection).
P2P will train the new team in the vendor products. Usage and introduction to the vendor account managers and support network.

Boolean Search.
P2P will provide the training around Boolean and Xray search and how to be effective to identify the best candidates.

Job Specification writing.
P2P will provide an insight on different specification writing styles.
Different roles and different mediums have various approaches and results. There is no right or wrong, just what works in each different situation.

CV Assessment, reading CVs correctly.
This is a key skill and can be gained over a period of many years. P2P will advance the skills of the team to understand how to deep dive a CV on first view. This is a key to success and time efficient interviewing.

Interviewing Techniques.
P2P will advise on best interview questions and structures. What to look for, what to listen for, warning signs. What tools to use if unsure. Psychometric testing, technical testing etc.

Offer and Counteroffer management.
P2P will advise on the most effective method for making an offer and how to manage the different scenarios that can occur. Expect the counteroffer and pre-emptively prepare your candidate against that. Minimise the risk of a rejection.

Stakeholder Support.
How to work with and offer value to stakeholders. Something that can be daunting and difficult for less experienced people, we will advise and support your team on relationship management.

P2P will enforce the first impressions view with a strong onboarding value message. First impressions last the longest, so make it a great experience.

Post Implementation Support Phase.

Post implementation Support.
P2P solutions are dedicated to long-term sustainability and delivery. Aspart of our model we will be available to support for 12 months after your team is ready to function. This will ensure any unexpected issues or busy periods can be supported by our process leads.