Contingency Services

Contingency Option - Identify, Engage & Attract Top Talent

P2P Solutions Partnership can offer a tailored contingency recruitment service for business and technology professionals supplying Financial Services, Consultancy, Emerging Technology and IT Infrastructure on a permanent and contract basis across the UK.  


P2P Solutions Partnership build and maintaining the resourcing pipelines to help you gain candidate engagement for your company via a wide range of marketing and direct contact across multiple platforms.

Known for our accuracy of identification of the right audience we engage through our talent specialists utilising some or all the following methods:

  • Bespoke candidate database 
  • Social media platforms (including Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more) 
  • Advertised on our company website 
  • Advertised on industry specific online job boards upon client request 
  • Search and Headhunting for the more elusive skills. 


We are experts in engagement with candidates and are proactive in our search. As well as advertising your vacancy we are also proactive in calling and meeting candidates to help get the opportunity to join your business foremost to them in a busy job marketplace. 

Unique to our service is the longevity of our engagement. We know the first 3 months are critical within any hire and continue engagement with all parties throughout this period intensely, and regularly throughout the first 12 months. 

We do this by keeping in regular contact with our candidate pools ensuring our database is up to date. 

Candidate Referrals
We treat all candidates with respect and engage positively, which drives voluntary referrals to us, even from unsuccessful applicants. We are proud of this and our clients benefit. 
Social Networking
We engage with candidates via social networking and build our following and target audience to distribute future job opportunities. This is particularly important when targeting passive looking candidates which make up a large percentage of the candidate base in busy markets.  


Engaging great candidates is one part of a complex process but the real challenge is attracting them to your business and then securing them from your competitors.

This is where P2P can help as we offer a consultative service, providing positive contact and onboarding processes to promote a positive candidate experience. 

We extend your business to ensure your opportunity is packaged to stand out to attract the best possible results. 
We communicate openly and assist you throughout the process, keeping you updated on our progress as well as any changes in the candidate’s situation, providing employer advice and preparation at interview stages.

We also crucially work with you closely at offer stage providing you with as much information and advice possible to help you get the offer right first time. 

Finally, we also become a trusted conduit between candidates and the client for the onboarding process and for at least 12 months after hire, a unique proposition designed to lower attrition at source.


P2P Solutions Partnership are committed to be a leader in sustainable sourcing solutions that add value to all our clients. If you require our search expertise under a standard contingency recruitment solution, we will help you deliver a market leading solution with additional value added services. If a standard but exceptionally effective recruitment delivery is what you need, then we have cost-effective pricing below.
Please contact us for more information.

New Hire Annual Remuneration 

  • Up to £59,999
  • £60,000 to £99,999
  • £100,000 and above

Percentage Of Remuneration

  • 20%
  • 17%
  • 13%