White Label Services

White Label Recruitment Delivery, P2P RPO Lite

P2P Solutions Partnership work exclusively with you to implicitly understanding your culture and to engage with the most productive talent for you. By removing the internal process of hiring our interim service helps make your teams more productive, whilst removing the need for recruitment agencies costs. Our innovative solutions can provide our BYO solution, sourcing and training our replacements onsite. Our goal is not only to reduce your time to hire and associated cost, but also to build your recruitment independence. An amazingly client centric offer to growing businesses where the bottom line is key. P2P will support existing hiring teams or create the recruitment function from scratch as required. How do we achieve the right outcome for you? Our in-house RPO lite model is uniquely designed to our client need. By taking time build your requirements with you, we’re able to plan and deploy a resourcing model that gives you the market edge, freeing you to focus on direct business growth. We become extended sales and brand ambassadors for you, delivering your culture, vision and mission to enhance your market reputation. Our senior consultants become a blended extension of your team, utilising their experience to add value and reduce your input requirements. Our partnership mission with you will re-enforce your business as the employer of choice to our target hires. We are planners by nature, so we devise an agreed project plan, with deliverables and most importantly, a communications strategy. Information flow and open communications lead to successful delivery, so we encourage all stakeholders be kept informed as standard. Ultimately talent and capacity planning allow controlled on-boarding of key hires when the business most need them and reduces the time and cost to hire. 

Who would benefit from P2P Solutions?

Any business that have plans to hire or replace employees. Whether spending on Agency hires or looking to establish a dedicated recruitment function and reduce management time, we will always make a significant difference. At P2P we feel companies with expansion plans will maximise ROI more quickly with our input. With our exit strategy also factored in, enhanced saving potential will be realised and for smaller businesses that can mean the difference of operating with profit or loss. We will generate a return on your investment everytime.

Our primary SME beneficiaries would be:  

Start-up Business  

  • Manager driven hires
  • Little, or no HR team
  • Up to 6 open jobs p.a
  • No recruitment process or infrastructure
  • Size 5-50 employees

Established Business 

  • Multiple hiring requirements
  • Reactional hiring
  • Rapid growth plans
  • Looking for established process
  • Low use of recruitment technology
  • Small HR team
  • Size 50-200 employees

Strong Business 

  • Regular hirers
  • Use external agency/internal recruiter hybrid
  • HR established
  • Capacity planning
  • Have a recruitment process in place
  • Understand recruitment tech
  • Seeks improved efficiency and ROI
  • Size 200+ employees

We deliver in-house recruitment services using our recruitment technology infrastructure.
We are the seamless extension to your business and team P2P consultants will enhance your market visibility.
We will save you time and money.
All our consultants can build sustainability and process for you.
We will partner with you to design our exit plan for your sustainable internal delivery.