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P2P Solutions Partnership recognise the value of building your direct hire base for retention of knowledge, longevity of service and most importantly cost saving.  

 Our search team and partner network will help provide you the best recruitment solution, whether it be through our consulting solution, building sustainable strategy, or through our professional recruitment team, directly working with your hiring managers and HR professionals to provide both FTE and contractor hiring options. 

 We bring our strong communication ethos to this process as this helps provide long term success to your hiring teams. We will not measure our success on people starting on the Monday, our true success will be to see them still working for our clients in years to come, enjoying career growth and bringing long term value to your investment. 

 P2P Solutions offer more cost effective ROI to our clients through our relationship monitoring process. P2P recruitment teams will continue to contact our client hires monthly for the first year as this is the most volatile transition time for new hires. Issue monitoring and timely discussions will provide both employee and our client an opportunity to discuss any issues affecting long term employment. Again, communication is key to success. For the second year we will continue to monitor quarterly for added security of hire. We believe this is a unique value add for P2P clients.